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2005 report

Postcard report

Swamp Report


You can get a better report with pictures on the web. You can email me for the URL (, type in the URL ( , or Google kipukawai.


Cash          $470

Land     $10,000


Total     $14,798

The swamp was nice and clear until a few years ago when our visits dropped. The trees are doing great, but the California grass is pretty thick. Big plans to get on it over next few months. Ray got a gas weed whacker, Jim got an excavator. Please call if you want to join in.


Number of shares:


X $15 current value/sh

$17,990.36 ~Co. val


Expenses avg year:


Guy (one of the founding fathers) is willing to sell stock at about $17 a share. I’m getting $2,000 worth this year, more as I can afford it. You are welcome to buy (or sell your own).


Link to next page in report, Current stock holdings 5